About Me


I am Seyed Hamed Vahedi.
I was born on Feb 1981 in Rasht, Iran and I lived in the same city until 1999.
I wrote the "Hello! World" program in 1994 with Turbo Pascal. Then I learned FoxPro and Delphi by studying the books. I extended Delphi language learning after entering university.
I was recruited as a system programmer in 2003. My task was to support PCs and software. Of course, I was developing several applications via Delphi. I have focused on ASP.Net programming since 2005. Of course, I continued to produce applications using Delphi and C#. I work with web development teams as analyst and programmer since 2007.
I have experienced advising on IT issues and teaching programming language to college students.

I share personal and technical experiences and daily writing on this site.

Wishing you all the great things in life.

Revised: February 2016

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