How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos

How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos

On desktop:
Through, go to your profile and select Settings > Account > Video Tweets, and uncheck Autoplay Videos.

On iOS:
go to Settings > Video Autoplay and select Never Play Videos Automatically, or choose to only feature autoplay ads when you're on Wi-Fi to save data.

On desktop:
go to Settings > Video and select the desired drop-down menu under Auto-Play Videos (Default, On, or Off).

On Android:
select the hamburger/three lines icon in the Facebook app, choose App Settings > Video Auto-Play and pick your desired setting.

On iPhone:
select the hamburger/More button, scroll to Account Settings > Videos and Photos and select whether you want videos to play while using cellular and Wi-Fi, on Wi-Fi only, or never.

On iPad:
navigate to hamburger menu > Settings > Videos > Autoplay and pick a setting.

On mobile, go to your profile, select the Gear (iOS) or hamburger (Android) icon on the top right, select Cellular Data Use, and choose Use Less Data.

on To disable it, look at the top right of your screen near Up Next. You'll see a slider. If it's blue and has a check mark, that means autoplay is on. Slide it to the left to turn it off.
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